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Arrigg Eye and Ear Associates - 439 S Union Street, Lawrence, MA 01843

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When Ocular Surgery is Necessary

Arrigg Eye & Ear strives to restore vision and to correct conditions of the eye without surgery whenever possible. But should surgery be necessary, the doctors of the Arrigg Eye & Ear are accomplished physicians who have received advanced medical and surgical training in glaucoma, cataract, and laser surgery. In addition, their doctors have expertise in the use of intravitreal injections for management of ocular diabetes and macular degeneration, retinal surgery, oculoplastics, and eye muscle disorders.

Many Areas of Expertise:

  • ·Cataracts
  • ·Glaucoma
  • ·Laser surgery for glaucoma & diabetic retinopathy
  • ·Vitreo-retinal diseases & surgery
  • ·Retinal detachments
  • ·Intravitreal injections for macular degeneration & diabetes
  • ·Pediatric ophthalmology
  • ·Lazy eye
  • ·Amblyopia strabismus (Crossed eyes)
  • ·Cornea & external diseases
  • ·Eyelid repair & blepharoplasty
  • ·Trauma